A man who filmed members of his family in the shower then shared the footage with other paedophiles and voyeurs online has been granted name suppression - against the wishes of his victims.

The man in his 40s, who was responsible for maintenance on an island camp, was jailed for a year and nine months last week after previously admitting 29 charges at Manukau District Court.

The name of his workplace was suppressed from the outset and after sentencing, Judge Frances Eivers made an order permanently barring publication of the defendant's name too.

Her ruling, which she said was to protect the identities of those he films, was supported by defence and police but victims in the public gallery were unimpressed.


"We don't care," his sister-in-law said. "We don't want that."

In a highly-emotional hearing, the court heard from five of the man's family members who had their lives "changed forever" on April 25.

The defendant's wife found a cell phone belonging to her husband and to her horror, the screensaver was a naked photo of their niece.

The 22-year-old niece later trawled through a slew of homemade porn on the phone, which included recordings of her 14-year-old sister, her mum, her aunty and others.

She was also shocked to find her uncle - who had been the DJ and MC at her wedding - had installed a camera in their South Auckland bathroom as well as filming them in the shower while they stayed with him on the island.

Her teenaged sister was similarly devastated by the fact her image had been shared online with paedophiles.

"The first person to see me naked will be not my husband but my uncle, the man I trusted, the man I loved and the man who was always there for me," she said.

Judge Eivers said the man had even crawled into the roof cavity of a property on the island to film one of his colleagues while she showered.


Many of the victims struggled to read their statements through tears but none were more upset than his wife and mother of his two children.

"We had a wonderful and fantastic life living on that island . . . but that was destroyed by you," she said.

"We were living the dream, had the perfect relationship in the most tranquil place but you were living two completely separate lives."

She recalled how she had found out she was pregnant in 2007 and almost simultaneously discovered her husband's porn addiction.

He went to a couple of counselling sessions but his lawyer Roger Chambers said he "told himself he was okay".

"Obviously he wasn't," he said.

His wife was now living in a caravan, looking after the kids and trying to make ends meet, but she was determined to move on.

"I'm going to make the rest of my life the best of my life - a life without you," she said.
Mr Chambers said his client was a broken man and should be given a sentence of home detention.

However, the judge said the only suitable response by the court was imprisonment.