Lunch was civilised, given it was being enjoyed by two-thirds of the "Chaos & Mayhem" team from Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics.

You'd have expected raw meat and slops given the description of the "extreme" campaign against the former SFO boss Adam Feeley which emerged in the wake of Dirty Politics and was echoed in an official report yesterday.

But no. This was Non Solo Pizza and this was Parnell. Former blogger Cathy Odgers had ravioli di pollo. Public relations majordomo Carrick Graham's pizza was the margherita.

No comment, they said. Another beer please, he said. Another cocktail, said she.


Scoundrel blogger Cameron Slater was absent, which may have civilised the meeting. Justice Lester Chisholm said he was Mr Feeley's most persistent, hardest-edged critic. Odgers had also blogged, apparently less stridently.

It was a collective organised by Mr Graham, who was working for Mark Hotchin who was being investigated by Mr Feeley.

The inquiry report was only hours old, and their appetite was fine.

The report did them no favours but there was no sign of indigestion. The cocktails were Tuscan Summer and Spring Punch. The beer was Peroni. Slater's absence was only physical. As in Dirty Politics, social media bound the trio together. Odgers took a selfie and sent it to the Whale Oil blogger.

Graham and Odgers chatted amicably, refusing comment but exchanging pleasantries, as Slater spun the image out on Twitter with a storyline of his own devising.

As in the Chisholm report, it was a version of events with little connection to reality.