The killing of Connor Morris is the sixth violent death to rock the West Auckland community in just over two months.

And it is the third time a particular area in Massey has been the focus of police investigating a suspicious death.

On May 20, Farhat Rana Malik and her teenage daughter, Sidra Noor Malik, were fatally stabbed in a domestic incident in Ranui.

Ishrat Mike Malik, 55, was charged the next day with the murders of his wife and daughter.


Just two days after the fatal stabbings, 23-year-old Josh Roach was shot dead following a dispute outside his home in Luanda Drive, Ranui.

A second man who had been shot had been driven to hospital by two people. Police later pulled over their bloodstained vehicle in Triangle Rd, Massey.

On the morning of June 10, dairy owner Arun Kumar, 57, died after being stabbed, not long after opening his shop in Henderson.

A 13-year-old boy was later charged with murder and a 12-year-old with manslaughter in relation to the stabbing.

On June 20, police were called to Makora Rd - off Triangle Rd - where they found the body of a man burning inside a house.

The man's partner suffered injuries in what police said was a domestic incident and had fled to a neighbour's house.

Mr Morris' violent death yesterday has again brought unease to the community, with many locals turning to social media to vent their frustrations and pain.

A Triangle Rd resident - whose family have lived there for more than 20 years - told the Herald it was a hard time for people on the street, given the number of incidents that had happened over a short time period.


"It's scary now, especially when people are getting killed near my house.

"Even that shooting that happened [in Ranui] - they chased the guys right past my house.

"Even little things like taking out the rubbish at night - I can't even do that anymore because I'm too scared."

Police have said that none of the recent incidents and deaths were related.