Radio host Mark Staufer has lost his job on RadioLive's late night talkback slot after using foul language on Friday night.

MediaWorks management reviewed Staufer's position and decided yesterday to drop him and the show he fronted with co-host Ian Wishart.

Comments made by Staufer on the 10pm-1am show included the words "f***" and "motherf*****" and a discussion on the age he began masturbating and how many abortions a friend had had by the time she was 18.

A MediaWorks spokeswoman yesterday said: "After reviewing Friday night's show with Mark, it's been decided he will focus on The Sound Breakfast Show.


"The RadioLive Friday 10pm-1am slot will be hosted by David Slack in the coming weeks."

Staufer co-hosts the breakfast show on MediaWorks' new golden oldies station, The Sound, with Mark Kennedy.

The audio of the Friday night show was pulled from RadioLive's website and an apology issued to listeners.

Co-host Wishart did not condone Staufer's behaviour, but attributed the rant to "tiredness".

Staufer could not be reached for comment yesterday.