The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union has donated $60,000 to the Labour Party and $15,000 to the Green Party, the union announced this morning.

"Our elected conference delegates feel very strongly that a Labour-Green coalition government is the best hope for restoring workers' rights, rebuilding our manufacturing sector with a sustainable strategy for jobs, and ensuring that all Kiwis get a fair share of the growing economy," said EPMU national secretary Bill Newson.

"Despite what the Prime Minister has claimed, unions don't have millions of dollars to give to political parties. But this year we have a critical opportunity to make things better for New Zealand workers and their families and making donations to Labour and the Greens is one way we can make that happen."

The donations were endorsed by the EPMU national conference, which consists of EPMU members elected by co-workers to represent the different industries and regions covered by the EPMU.


Labour leader David Cunliffe and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman spoke at the conference, explaining the policies their respective parties will take into government following the 2014 election.

"In addition the EPMU will be campaigning hard to get voters enrolled and turned out to vote in the election period," Mr Newson said.

"All voters deserve to have a say in who forms the next government."

The EPMU represents 35,000 workers across New Zealand and is an affiliate of the Labour Party.