These astonishing images show Auckland as you've never seen it. Photographer Andrew Griffiths has taken aerial photography over the City of Sails to new and stunning heights. Griffiths, from Australian photography company Lensaloft, captured the spectacular images of Auckland city in the twilight.

The images are taken using a "specialised helicopter and camera system".

Once in the air, the helicopter hovers and spins on its axis, allowing a special camera to capture a full sphere of photos, which are fused into the final image. The result is a stunning moving panorama of the city from above taken from Albert Park, the ferry terminal and Aotea Sq.

Griffiths says he plans to do more panoramas in some of New Zealand's most distinct and picturesque locations, such as Milford Sound.


"We plan on coming back to New Zealand in the future, we want to capture some of the more distinct landscapes around the country," he said.