A kayaker making a journey from Australia to New Zealand has received a second drop of emergency supplies today but has been warned to "hunker down" as a front of bad weather passes him tonight.

Scott Donaldson, 34, is making a second attempt to cross the Tasman Sea by kayak.

Today rescue helicopter pilot John Funnell of Rotorua delivered Mr Donaldson drinking water and a repair kit for his kayak.

"He now has 53 litres of water sitting in his boat with him, that's drinking water which he is very happy to have," Mr Funnell said.


Despite being warned to "hunker down" by weather analyst Bob McDavitt while a front passes over tonight, Mr Donaldson was in good spirits, Mr Funnell said.

"He said he hopes the next time we meet it will be on land."

A broken rudder on the kayak has slowed Mr Donaldson down, but the repair kit dropped to him this morning should allow him to fix it.

His date of arrival in New Plymouth is unknown, but he had been expecting to arrive two weeks ago.

"It really is a moveable feast out there," Mr Funnell said.

"It totally depends on the weather he gets."

Mr Donaldson left Coffs Harbour on April 19 is now about 265 nautical miles from the Taranaki coast.

He was dropped emergency food and water supplies on Friday afternoon after running dangerously low.

This is his second attempt to cross the Tasman, after his kayak filled with water two days into his his first attempt in May last year.