A convicted paedophile who chained up a 14-year-old boy in a cupboard for a week of sadistic sex in 2000 is due to be paroled next month, according to reports.

Ivan Andrew Campbell, 48, is due to be released on July 9 and will be subject to a 10-year extended supervision order due to his high likelihood of reoffending, NZ Newswire reports.

In 2012 Campbell escaped from the Christchurch residential facility he was paroled to after serving 11 years of a 14-year sentence for his attack on the 14-year-old boy.
He was recaptured six days later.

A prison report says Campbell has admitted he is likely to reoffend, NZ Newswire reports.


"I am desperate to have an extended supervision order granted, as at the time of this assessment I do not trust myself outside prison," he reportedly told a psychologist.

At Campbell's 2001 trial, the officer in charge of the case, Detective Constable Adam Lough, described him as a "calculating, manipulative sexual deviant who preys on teenage boys from single-parent families".

At the trial Campbell also pleaded guilty to representative charges of violating a 13-year-old boy in 1991 in a similar manner.

According to the police summary, Campbell told the 14-year-old he had nominated him for the Hell's Angels, and the boy would have to disappear for three months to earn his patch.

At Campbell's home the boy was plied with alcohol and shown videos.

Ivan Andrew Campbell. Photo / supplied

The police summary stated Campbell then made the boy perform oral sex before sodomising him.

He pierced the boy's scrotum and inserted two rings.

The following day, after buying more alcohol, Campbell allegedly made the complainant take his clothes off before tattooing around his groin with a home tattoo gun.

He then restrained the boy in a wardrobe, using shackles and chains, and beat him, according to the summary.

Once the beating was over, Campbell poured hot wax over the victim's body. The boy was released from the chains an hour later, only to be sodomised by Campbell again.

The following day the boy was tied on the bed with chains and rolled on his stomach while Campbell held a hot branding instrument against his lower back, causing second-degree burns.

Over the following days there were further beatings and degradations.

Finally, a week later the boy was able to call home while Campbell was outside the house.

In 1996 Campbell was also jailed in Australia for nine years for arson attacks on a Salvation Army hostel for homeless men and the "devastation" of the business centre of Beaudesert, southwest of Brisbane.

Twelve years earlier a false advertisement in the Herald claimed Campbell had been killed in a car crash four days earlier - an apparent attempt to fake his own death.