Dotcom revealed his desire today after prospective Internet Party candidates made pitches to party apparatchiks, hangers-on and supporters at a candidate selection meeting.

The German internet mogul said he would definitely considering running for Parliament if he gained citizenship, ideally before the 2017 general election.

"I would love to but this is not the time. Maybe at some time in the future when I have citizenship."

An upbeat Dotcom dismissed speculation about a backroom deal involving the Labour Party pulling out of the Te Tai Tokerau race or fielding a purposely weak candidate in an Epsom tea party-type arrangement.


Such a deal would virtually guarantee a seat in Parliament for Dotcom's new ally, Mana Party leader Hone Harawira.

"I had no chat with David Cunliffe," Dotcom said, referring to the Labour Party leader. " I don't think Hone needs that. I think he's going to win the seat easily."

Dotcom said Mana's new joint venture with the Internet Party had already strengthened both movements.

"We don't need any favours or any help from anyone."

Dotcom again lambasted his nemesis, Prime Minister John Key, dismissing Key's assertion the Internet Party was a vehicle contrived to stop the big German's extradition to the United States.

At Auckland's Q Theatre, Internet Party members were making their bid for party list positions at the Idol-style meeting this afternoon, in front of Dotcom, party leader Leila Harre and chief executive Vikram Kumar.

Issues most frequently discussed included education policy, surveillance, and internet freedom.

Early crowd favourites at the "Candidate Challenge" were former Tadpole band member Chris Yong, and hip-hop star King Kapisi, whose desire to run for Parliament as an Internet Party candidate was made public this week.


Outside the theatre, protester Dave Blackmore parked his car, a Lada rebranded "Lardarse" with the number plate "DOTCON". He said legal reasons prevented him from going into detail about his gripe with Dotcom but he'd had "dealings with him" before and was displeased.