A man who defaced a cliff face in Greymouth with a swastika has been fined $150.

Cody Allyn Robinson, 28, of Kumara Junction, sprayed the Nazi symbol, the letters ftp, and the misspelled word "comdom" on a cliff face next to the Cobden Bridge.

Robinson said he had not regretted the offence and he had been drinking. He had been with a group of people, but all owned up to the offending.

However, he was now embarrassed about what he had done. He said he could not even read and write, or draw very well. It was a one-off thing, and he would not do it again.


Robinson said that the morning after the offence was committed, he had gone back and tried to scrub off the graffiti.

In Greymouth District Court yesterday, Judge Jane McMeeken said that despite his "pages" of offending she would give him credit for trying to undo what he had done, imposing a fine of $150 instead of $300.

She cautioned Robinson to stay out of trouble and not drink.