Bro the penguin is on his way home.

The injured Fiordland crested penguin washed ashore in New South Wales eight months ago.

The male penguin was found lying among the rocks at Tura Beach in September, exhausted and suffering from a large injury to his left leg.

He was taken into specialist care by Janine Green, a seabird co-ordinator for Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service.


Bro received fluids and antibiotics during the first three weeks of recovery. He was later given vitamins and other nutrients that helped him gain weight and build up strength.

The injury on his left leg healed to the point that he was waterproof enough to enjoy a shallow swimming pool. Bro, one of only five Fiordland crested penguins to come into care in the area, was later introduced to a large salt water swimming pool where he began catching his own fish.

A ranger from the National Parks and Wildlife Service gave the thumbs-up and Bro was ready for release.

The yellow-crested, black-and-white penguins grow to about 60cm in height and weigh in at just a few kilograms as adults. Bro was microchipped before his release near Ben Boyd National Park, NSW, on Friday.