On the second anniversary of the discovery of Jane Furlong's remains, detectives investigating her murder say they are still receiving new leads in the hunt for her killers.

Furlong was discovered buried in sanddunes at Port Waikato on May 19 2012, nearly twenty years after she had gone missing from Auckland's Karangahape Road.

Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Newman said police were still actively investigating the case.

"Our challenge has been, and will always be, picking up and following a trail that has gone cold over the time she went missing to the time her body was located at Port Waikato,'' he said.


"With regard to whether we are any closer to an arrest, we are still being approached by
people who either knew Jane or are able to provide us with information about Jane.''

Jane's mother Judith Furlong was critical of the initial police investigation in 1993, when Furlong was due to give evidence in two trials.

"They've made the current investigation very difficult and no doubt a lot of information has been lost in the sands of time.''

She returned to the Port Waikato location on last year's anniversary with the Herald on Sunday, but said she would be staying away this year.

"It's a secretive place, it holds a lot of secrets.''