Taxis in Wellington are the fourth most expensive in the world and Auckland cabs are 10th most expensive, a study says.

A Deutsche Bank report on consumer prices showed the average fare for an 8km taxi ride in Wellington would cost $33.82 (US$29.22) - fourth highest behind Zurich, Berlin, and London. In Auckland, the same ride would cost $24.87.

Executive director of the New Zealand Taxi Federation Roger Heale said he was surprised by the report.

He said the high price reflects the high standard of service offered by taxi operators.


"I'm not saying New Zealand taxis are cheap but they're offering a world-class service."

He said he had not experienced a difference in fare price between the top taxi operators in Wellington and Auckland.

Sydney taxis were also among the most expensive, costing $26.87 (US$23.22) for an 8km journey.

The report's authors said cab fares for the same distance could vary up to 70 per cent. The rates in the report were based on average tariffs.

In our Fare Go campaign, the Herald highlighted the high cost of taxis, especially from Auckland Airport. The city was the third most expensive place to catch a cab into the city in a comparison of 24 locations by international travel company CheapFlights. Auckland taxi companies claimed prices were high to cover hefty airport fees.

In response to the campaign, several companies are now offering fixed fares into the city.