A group of cyclists have erected a graveyard outside the Auckland Council building to highlight what they say is the city's dangerous and inadequate cycling infrastructure.

The makeshift cemetery has crosses adorned with helmets symbolising the people hurt in cycling accidents and whom the group say the Council and Auckland Transport have failed to keep safe.

"Cycling isn't dangerous, Auckland's roads are dangerous," said spokesperson Jeff Harrison.

He said Auckland Transport continued to choose options that endangered cyclists, including removing cycle lanes from Dominion Roads' development in a late stage of planning.


"We're out here speaking to the public and encouraging people to make pro-cycling submissions on this development," said Mr Harrison.

"Mayor Len Brown claims to want to make Auckland the world's most livable city, but livable cities around the world all have impressive networks of separated cycle ways and have moved away from car dominated streets."

NZTA statistics show that two cyclists have died on Auckland's roads this year.

Mr Harrison said the Council had an opportunity to provide separated cycle lanes, install protected intersections, and advocating for human centred traffic. He said today was the last day for submissions for the development of Karangahape Road and a great opportunity for the council and Auckland Transport to step up and show some strong leadership laws.