Brazilian police have put together a pamphlet of top tips for staying safe during the World Cup next month, with suggestions such as making sure not to scream if someone tries to rob you, it is reported. "Do not react, scream or argue," says the brochure, which will be handed out by Brazilian embassies and consulates. Sao Paulo police want to warn visitors not to provoke robbers into further violence, and avoid the increasingly common crime of "latrocinios" - or robbery that ends in murder.

Immigrants warm to a global theme

Seeing the bright side of the warming of the planet, Robyn writes: "'Doesn't this weather just remind you of a Mediterranean spring?' This was a conversation between two Mediterranean immigrants, one from Egypt and the other from Greece, overheard at the Takapuna Flea Market on Sunday. It's interesting to hear Auckland's climate compared to Athens and Alexandria. Long may it last!"

Thanks to 3 wise men


A reader writes: "Please do not publish my name as I am yet to confess this drama to my husband. I would like to say a huge, huge thank you to the three men who leapt from their cars to save me and my car as it threatened to roll over when I misjudged the camber of a driveway in Northcote Point. Now that I have a glass of wine in my hand and have recovered from the shock, the enormity of the situation has sunk in. One guy opened my door and jumped on to the door frame to add some weight while one did the same in the boot and another guy instructed me on how to eventually get out of the situation. Thank goodness for blokes with know-how. I did thank them profusely but didn't actually stop to get out and shake their hands, which was the least they deserved, as I was shaking like a leaf and incredulous with the totally surreal experience."

There must be a kinder way to make money for these kids.
Picture this: An art group in Pennsylvania is encouraging locals to celebrate the city's numerous potholes by creating their own art installations in them... (They should do this in Christchurch!)...

Found: A plush toy of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been found for sale at a market in China ...

Innovation: Could this spell the end of Gladwrap?

Cartoon: The bottom of the ocean....
Video: This is how to talk up your car for sale...

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