The internet is a labyrinth of cool websites that are perfect for filling in weekend hours.

Here are ten websites to visit this weekend to waste some time, boost your brainpower or to decide what to do with your digital legacy when you die.

1. What makes an image popular?

Why does one photo on social media do better than another? This was the question asked by researchers at MIT. Using their findings, they have created an algorithm to predict how popular you photo will be based on a scale from 0-10.

Give it a try.


2. Get rid of social media accounts

Want to get off a social site but not sure how? Account Killer provides step-by-step instructions about how to delete your profile and tips for things you should know. They also have a SiteCheck bookmarklet, which allows you to check before signing up to a new site to see if it will be easy to leave should you choose.

Visit Account Killer

3. Cafe atmosphere to work in

If you work from home or want to block out the sounds of your co-workers then Coffivity is the site for you. The site plays a mix of calm and commotion sounds.

Visit Coffitivity

4. Get the answer to any math problem

From simple algorithms to complex calculus to chemistry equations, this site has the answers. Great if you've forgotten the math you learned in school, but students will need to upgrade for step-by-step instructions of how to solve the problem.

Visit Mathway

5. Create your digital legacy

It's a fact of modern life that when we die we will leave behind a digital legacy. When you die, Tell Me Bye enables you to transfer files stored in the cloud to designated heirs, removes your social media profiles, send money from online accounts, give away your games, books and music bought online, send messages to family and friends and create a living will.

Visit tellmebye


6. Use math to make your decisions

If your life is filled with big decisions - should I take that job? Move to that flat? Move country? Then this is website for you. Decide on your questions and your priorities (it has some examples already available), set your priorities and get a response based on clear, objective criteria.

Visit SomethingPop

7. Print animated gifs

Those funny animated gifs are no longer fun when printed as they no longer move. Gifprint allows you to upload an animated gif and converts it so that you are able to make a flipbook.

Visit Gifprint

8. Learn something new every minute

If you're looking to increase your knowledge base of random facts, visit Factoclock to learn a new fact every single minute.

Visit Factoclock

9. Revisit the 1980s

Take a trip down memory lane with this site that streams scenes from the 1980s. Click for a new scene when you've had enough, or upload your own.

Visit poolside

10. Enjoy responses to the unbelievable

If you love reading satirical site The Onion, then you'll love reading the responses of people who think the articles are real. Literally Unbelievable bookmarks instances on social media where people respond to The Onion stories thinking they are true. It's both cringe-worthy and hilarious.

Visit Literally Unbelievable