The owner of two rottweilers which mauled an 8-year-old Christchurch boy has pleaded guilty.

Ralph Neville Sparks, 44, appeared at Christchurch District Court today where defence counsel Serina Bailey said he now admitted a charge of owning dogs that attacked a person causing serious injury.

Mason Bennett, 8, was hospitalised and required plastic surgery for bite wounds to his head, face, and leg after being set upon at Linfield Park, Bromley, near his Rudds Rd home on August 17 last year.

Mason, the son of Sparks' partner, had taken the dogs for a play when they turned on him.


The dogs were destroyed two days later.

Sparks, a Linwood painter, will now be sentenced on July 18.

Judge Robert Murfitt called for pre-sentence and reparation reports.