The wife of a senior Auckland police officer under investigation for allegedly harassing a prostitute has rubbished the claims and is standing by her husband.

Counties Manukau Detective Inspector Mark Gutry is facing an internal inquiry after claims he repeatedly accessed the woman's profile on the police computer system.

A decision was made this week not to prosecute the 48-year-old over allegations he sexually violated her.

Gutry was also accused of visiting the woman as a paying client during work hours, which is a breach of police conduct.


Outside his family home in East Auckland on Friday, his wife, Jane Gutry, told the Herald on Sunday that her husband "didn't do any of it".

"It's been made up completely. I wouldn't be here otherwise."

Addressing the allegations publicly for the first time, Mark Gutry said: "It's tough, it's a really tough time but we're just working through everything at the moment."

Gutry, who has headed several high-profile homicide cases, has been suspended from his role as field crime manager.

When asked if he'd resume his role if he is cleared in the internal investigation, Gutry said he had not decided. "I'm just considering my options at the moment."

The woman who laid the complaints against Gutry in June 2013 is being supported by Louise Nicholas, an advocate for sexual abuse survivors.

Nicholas said the woman had "spoken the truth" about Gutry.

"Why would you put yourself through this if what had happened hadn't?"


She said the woman was holding up "as well as can be" after news Gutry would not face criminal charges.

"Police have been supporting her really well and I'm really pleased about that."

Counties Manukau district commander Superintendent John Tims said allegations against staff were taken seriously and high standards of behaviour were expected.

Gutry is being investigated under the Police Code of Conduct and will remain suspended until it has been completed.