The man who gave Leeza Ormsby keys to a luxury Balinese villa the night before it was raided for drugs is known as DJ "Marcotix'' in Sydney music circles, Australian media report.

It has been two weeks since 37-year-old Ormsby, who was born in Rotorua, was arrested in relation to the drug raid on the villa in the Denpasar suburb of Dalung.

Bali police arrested her after allegedly finding methamphetamine, ecstasy and marijuana during the raid.

Ormsby was living in Sydney when she decided to take a trip to Bali. She has vehemently denied the drugs were hers.


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ormsby was arrested with Marco Mazzucco, 35, outside the villa on February 12.

Mazzucco, a Sydney DJ who performs under the moniker Marcotix, was questioned for almost 12 hours by police before being released and flying back to Australia.

When police found the pair, Ms Ormsby was holding the keys to the villa. While she told police the drugs inside the house were not hers, Denpasar police chief Djoko Hariutomo said she did admit owning a joint in her purse, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Sydney musician Azaria Byrne, of The Art band, has also been connected to Ormsby's case.

Media reports show the Denpasar villa had been registered to Mr Byrne.

The musician, who believes Ormsby is innocent, reportedly gave Mr Mazzucco the keys to the villa after he and his partner decided not to stay for a third night.

He left Bali for Australia the night before the villa was raided.