Former accountant Graham McCready has Auckland Mayor Len Brown in his sights for his next legal endeavour and plans to file papers against him next week for corruption and filing a false electoral return.

"I think there's a case there and I think it's a very important case and should be filed," he said.

The action relates to nearly $40,000 worth of free rooms and hotel upgrades Mr Brown failed to declare to the Auckland City Council and $750,000 donations to Mr Brown's last two local body elections through a trust the New Auckland Council Trust.

The action is the same Mr McCready successfully filed against Act leader John Banks, who will now be facing a trial in May accused of failing to declare donations.


Mr McCready would be filing the papers through an Auckland associate, former police prosecutor Grace Haden, he said.

He said the papers would be filed next Tuesday when he received his pension and could afford the $30 court costs.

Ms Haden, now a private investigator, sent a letter to Auckland Council yesterday questioning the validity of the trust.

She called for the council to investigate the trust.

Ms Haden also sent a letter of complaint about the trust to the Serious Fraud Office.