It was good enough for the royal family - but 'George' is well down the list of most popular Kiwi baby names for the last year.

Charlotte, Oliver and Jack were the most frequently chosen names for New Zealand babies in 2013.

The annual list, compiled by the Department of Internal Affairs, showed the previous year's favourites of Olivia and Sophie for girls were pushed aside, with Emily and Ruby moving up the list.

And Kiwi parents opted for softer names for their bouncing baby girls, with seven of the top 10 girls' names starting with vowels.


For boys, Oliver and Jack continued to be the most liked names - with the pair switching between first and second spot between 2012 and 2013. James, which had failed to make the top 10 list for boys in 2012, was third most popular with nearly 280 babies taking the name. Thomas also surged up the list, taking out the tenth spot.

And while George was the name chosen for one of the most anticipated babies of the year, the royal choice appeared to have little bearing on Kiwis - coming in at 42nd most popular on the 2013 boys' list, down from 33 the previous year.


Top 10 names

Girls (previous year)

1. Charlotte (4)

2. Emily (3)

3. Ruby (5)

4. Sophie (2)

5. Olivia (1)

6. Isla (12)

7. Amelia (8)

8. Ava (10)

9. Isabella (6)

10. Ella (7)


Boys (previous year)

1. Oliver (2)

2. Jack (1)

3. James (11)

4. William (3)

5. Mason (5)

6. Liam (4)

7. Samuel (6)

8. Lucas (8)

9. Noah (10)

10. Thomas (25)

Source: Department of Internal Affairs