Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson says he will name and shame property owners if they fail to check whether their buildings have similar flaws to Christchurch's CTV building.

Government is part-way through a nationwide review of buildings with construction features that were used in the CTV building, which collapsed in the February 2011 earthquake and killed 115 people.

Mr Williamson said 176 buildings with non-ductile columns have been cleared and another 59 excluded from the review.

But he said 14 building owners who had committed to an engineering assessment had not followed through and booked an engineer.


"If this situation does not change in the next few months I will consider naming these buildings, which are all around the country.

"It's time for these 14 building owners to step up and do the right thing, as the review is being done for reasons of public safety."

In all, 342 buildings will be reviewed. So far, two properties have been vacated - the Wellington Regional Council building and Education House in New Plymouth. In Auckland, 99 buildings have been assessed and cleared.

Nearly all of the buildings which were to be reviewed in Christchurch have been demolished or ruled out of scope.

Mr Williamson noted that just because a building featured non-ductile columns did not mean it was unsafe.

"The CTV building failed catastrophically due to many more issues than just non-ductile columns, including a flawed design."