The wife of a man who died while checking his crayfish pots near Kaikoura on Tuesday says her husband loved nothing more than his garden and fishing.

The body of Auguste Robin Reinke, 79, was recovered in Whalers Bay shortly before 11am yesterday, not far from where his companion Ronald Clarence Monk, 75, was found dead on Tuesday.

The pair had set off about 7am that day, and at 8.15am, another boat found their 5m vessel semi-submerged.

Mr Reinke's widow, Val, said her husband, a former builder, was a "gentleman and working man of the community".


"He was just a jovial sort of person. He got on with everybody."

Mrs Reinke said Tuesday was "the most beautiful day" and she never worried about her husband fishing. "If he couldn't get anybody to go with him, I would go."

He would usually bring home four to six crayfish from each trip to share among the family.