A sample of readers' emails in response to our series on rest homes

"I felt unsafe from the start. I could ring and ring and no one would come."
- Sylvia Shepherd (elderly patient in residential care after operation)

"Walking into some homes seemed like a morgue, so when we walked through the door of Stokeswood in Stokes Valley and felt the warm environment and heard laughter from the staff it was a happy relief."
- Pam Seath

"As a registered nurse I believe that the homes I have worked in have all been understaffed with registered nurses. The pay is less than hospital nurses and for much more responsibility. I found the work wonderful, but very challenging because of the patient load."
- Nurse


"My mother is 98 in December and is still in her own home with caregivers doing meals and housework. She is partially sighted. This really is an option for older people."
- Samina

"I have been a health care assistant for eight years and my pay does not reflect my experience. The rest homes have huge turnovers of staff."
- Health care assistant

"My single aunt, aged 92, was in Eventhorpe Rest Home in Hamilton for about 18 months. I feel she had the best possible and dare I say loving care from all who came in contact with her. Any little happening, like a bruised toe, or large, like a fall was immediately reported to me. She was always immaculate."
- Lesley Brunsden

"I looked after a woman who was 104. She had a urinary tract infection along with a foul heavy discharge ... I remember my nursing manager stated in the handover meeting that it would not be treated as she was in for palliative care."
- Sarah Morgan