A sandwich maker in the UK is set to change the name of the business after being inundated with abuse over the Roast Busters scandal.

The sarnie outlet has the name Roast Busters.

Its Facebook page, which has 98 likes, has been on the receiving end of nasty messages and abuse since news of the Roast Busters Facebook group in Auckland broke on Sunday night. The young men involved boasted online that they were plying underage girls - some as young as 13 - with alcohol and having group sex with them.

However, people hoping to find the original Facebook page on the social media site are being directed to the UK sandwich shop instead, as the page has been taken down.


It came as a surprise to the sandwich owner, who, in their first post on the page two days ago, said: "I was really confused what was going on today, but please do not face your anger at me, I haven't done anything."

They later posted a photograph of their sandwich logo as "proof" that they weren't part of the gang, but sparked more ire when they said the Roast Busters were Australian.

"People sorry, but I am not part of this Australian gang, I am a United Kingdom citizen who created a sandwich," they wrote.

They later had to apologise for the "error of country", after receiving more abuse.

Explaining themselves further they said: "I don't like to repeat myself but I haven't done anything. I created a Sandwhich (sic) based on Ghost Busters which I called Roast Busters a year ago and created a Facebook page for it but didn't use it. I am not connected [to] the Roast Buster group."

They said they would leave the comments up for people to vent their anger, as long as they didn't receive private message directing personal abuse.

"For the meanwhile my sandwich can take a backseat until this dies over."

The Roast Busters' signature creation is a sandwich inspired by the movie Ghost Busters, which the maker said consists of toasted ciabatta bread with roast chicken, roast vegetables, sweet chilli sauce and mozzarella.


However, as the torrent of messages continued, the unknown sandwich maestro posted on Tuesday that they were thinking of a name change, and came up with some suggestions also based on film titles, including The Subfather, Charlie and the Chicken Factory, and The Girl with the Chicken Tattoo.