Super City mayor Len Brown will be staying for another three years.

A spokesman from Auckland Council confirmed the early polling had counted 148,944 votes in favour of Mr Brown.

His closest competitor, John Palino, had earned 98,930 votes.

"That final result for the mayoral candidates will not change. Len [Brown] is definitely back in," the spokesman said.


At a celebration in the city-fringe suburb of Kingsland, Brown congratulated the other campaigners on their results.

"Despite what other people said, I was up against a very good candidate," he said of mayoral contestant John Palino.

"I feel very very humbled by the continued mandate of the people."

"I'm going to celebrate by mowing my berm," he said.

Preliminary results would be posted about about 9pm tonight, the spokesman said.

The final count would not be available until October 17.

Progress results, Auckland mayor:

Stephen Berry, 12577
Penny Bright, 10635
Len Brown, 148944
Jesse Butler, 1348
Tricia Cheel, 1083
Paul Duffy, 2838
Matthew Goode, 1908
Emmett Hussey, 2668
Susanna Susara Kruger, 2025
John Minto, 10279
Phil O'Conner, 2773
John Palino, 98930
Reuben Shadbolt, 2905
Uesifili Unasa, 7251
Annalucia Vermunt, 788
David Willmott, 1547
Wayne Young, 3605
BLANK, 6402