The dejected crowd at Shed 10 graciously clapped Oracle Team USA over the finish line at the end of Race 14 of the America's Cup, followed seconds later by huge cheers for Emirates Team New Zealand.

Keith and Jenny Berry and their 8-year-old daughter Sarah from Glenfield commiserated with cups of tea from a thermos and a piece of cake as the loss sunk in.

"I must admit, I thought we had them," Mr Berry said.

"I'm hanging on for the next one now...I thought we had them but they just got away."


Before the race began, Mrs Berry said they had been at Shed 10 every day apart from yesterday.

"Today's going to be the day [we win]."

It was the fifth day they had taken their daughter out of Windy Ridge Primary School, but Mr Berry said it was justifiable for such a one-off historic event.

Also in the crowd were Blair Trainer from Albany and Deb Mary from west Auckland.

"My stomach's in knots after that one," Mr Trainer said.

"I feel ill," Ms Mary said.

The pair said they would definitely be sticking around for the next race.

"We've got a bottle of bubbles in here for when we win," Ms Mary said.


She said she hadn't missed a race yet, although this was the first time she had gone down to Shed 10 to watch one.

"It's awesome...the atmosphere, the excitement...when we win, it's just like, we'll go yahooing with everyone else.

"This America's Cup has brought back so many viewers that got lost in Valencia," Mr Trainer said.

"Just the speed and the technology has fast-forwarded into the next century; it's amazing."

Auckland mayor Len Brown was among the crowd.

"It's just such a sense of excitement."

Mr Brown said while many of the city's residents will be watching from home, he was expecting them to stream down to Queen's Wharf if a much anticipated ninth win were to finally happen this morning for Emirates Team New Zealand.

"At one point we were going to knock this down," he said of Shed 10, relieved that the proposal never went ahead.

"The ground's a bit hard, but we'll work on that."

Mr Brown said he had been here all of last week and wasn't going to miss the early morning starts.

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