Business groups have joined the chorus of complaints over a new planning rulebook for the city - although the Property Council has declared the first draft a pretty good effort.

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce and the Employers and Manufacturers Association are highly critical of the Unitary Plan which has got communities rebelling against intensification in the suburbs.

In a submission, the Auckland Chamber of Commerce said the draft Unitary Plan was a complex, badly deficient document with a lot of rough edges that needed to be fixed.

"It seems a little arrogant," chamber chief executive Michael Barnett said on TV One's Q & A.


The chamber's submission said the draft Unitary Plan appeared to take a blanket "we know what's best for you" approach.

The chamber and the Employers and Manufacturers Association urged the council to take more time with the plan. Said the chamber: "The issues are far too critical to allow council to sweep them under the carpet."

The Property Council urged the council to resist the temptation to water the plan down to appease those resisting change. Chief executive Connal Townsend said it was a pretty good first draft that needed insight into market realities and industry experience.