Four abandoned blue heeler puppies rescued by members of the public have been euthanised.

The Hamilton animal shelter that euthanised the pups said they were not "behaviourally suitable" for adoption.

Last week, the Herald on Sunday reported six blue heeler pups were taken to the shelter after being found wandering near Domain Park in freezing weather. Shelter spokeswoman Fiona Sutton said two were re-homed but the others were euthanised this week.

"We cannot adopt out animals which may cause new owners problems in the future."


It is believed up to 10 pups may have been abandoned after their owner refused to pay the $20 surrender fee at the Hamilton shelter.

Animal behaviourist Mark Vette was surprised the pups had been tested so young but believed they had probably missed out on vital socialisation in the early weeks.

"The temperament test would look at things like excessive aggression and dominance so I would say they have probably failed there," Vette said.

Many people contacted the Herald on Sunday and the shelter wanting to adopt the puppies - including a man from America who wanted to ship one home.

Ozzy, the female blue heeler-cross in last week's Herald on Sunday story, has found a home with Raglan doctor Michael Becker and has been renamed Frosty.

"We saw her and just fell in love," Becker said.