The Green Party's deep secrets are out - its MPs sometimes fall asleep in Parliament and they think some other politicians are "thick".

After being criticised for holding most of its conference behind closed doors, the party caved in and allowed media into a previously closed question and answer session between MPs and members.

And media were immediately in the sights of some MPs, with Julie Anne Genter complaining that she did not make the news for the right reasons.

"It's much easier to get media attention for things like being caught up in an Eftpos skimming scam, getting my bags stolen and getting them back again, having a tattoo, being worst-dressed, being from the United States, having a standup desk at work ..."


Asked what one thing about Parliament had let them down, MP Denise Roche said she thought Parliament would be glamorous and she would hear many inspiring speeches in the House.

To loud cheers, she said: "There's 121 politicians running this country and I've been appalled by some of them. Some of them are thick."

MP Catherine Delahunty admitted that she was sometimes texted by friends to help her on late-night parliamentary sittings.

"They say, 'Wake up' and 'Your mouth is open'."

They also spoke about the heavy workload of being an politician, with most seeing their families one day a fortnight and inboxes getting clogged with 200 emails a day.

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