Panicked Aucklanders have been snapping up emergency kits in the wake of last Sunday's earthquakes.

Some suppliers of survival packs have reported a 300 per cent increase in sales from the Auckland region this week.

Grab & Go usually sell up to 5000 kits a month at supermarkets, retail stores and to businesses. "On Monday there was a significant lift in sales in Auckland," spokesman Michael Anderson said.

"The Four Square in Waiheke Island reported packs flying off the shelves, and they were running out."


Another leading supplier,, had "hundreds" of inquiries from Aucklanders after the two shakes, said spokeswoman Jo Schumacher.

"On Monday the interest was astronomical and our sales in Auckland tripled early in the week," she added.

Wellington civil defence specialists Survive-it said online inquiries spiked on Sunday night. "The quakes may not have been major but they have certainly jolted people into action," Survive-it boss Rod Hall said.

Auckland Civil Defence controller Clive Manley said the quakes should be a wake-up call.

"There is a high awareness about earthquakes in Auckland but only about 10 per cent of people are properly prepared."