Instead of rubbish, Okahu Bay was littered yesterday morning with people cleaning up the shore.

The clean-up kicked off Seaweek, an annual event held by the New Zealand Association for Environmental Education. Kelly Tarlton's aquarium organised the clean-up and 51 volunteers combed Okahu Bay, picking up 27 bags of litter.

Several volunteers from local schools joined in, led by the Kelly Tarlton's Young Explorers, a panel of 11 children who act as youth experts on all things aquatic.

Kelly Tarlton's grandson Tane Tarlton, 11, said: "It was really great to get everyone together to help clean up the beach and I hope we have inspired others to do the same.


"If everyone does their bit by not dropping rubbish on the streets, the beach, or into the sea, we can help protect the sea and its marine life."

A week dedicated to encouraging Kiwis to treasure their marine environment and make small changes in their everyday lives to preserve it for future generations.

When and where
March 2 to 10, 2013. Events are held around the country.

This year the theme is "Healthy Seas - Healthy People. Toiora te Moana - Toiora te Tangata".

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