Muddy and happy people slithered 650m down a farmland slope yesterday on what was described as the longest waterslide in the world.

The event at Helensville, 30 minutes northwest of downtown Auckland, was a fundraiser for the Live More Awesome charity raising awareness about depression.

Organiser Dan Drupstee said about 950 people went down the three slides - there were also 90m and 60m versions - including some senior citizens.

A handful of brave punters bared all for the cause, opting to go naked while others wore cowboy outfits, colourful wigs and banana suits.


"It was a kids playground for adults," Drupstee said. "Being a non-alcoholic event we wanted to take people back in time to their younger days when there were no worries and life was fun and easy. I think we achieved that."

As it was for those suffering from depression, it was okay for people frightened by the length of the slide to ask for help.