Employers are rejecting migrant job-seekers without cars as they have little faith in public transport delivering them to work on time, Auckland Transport has been told.

Ellerslie Residents Association chairman Bryan Johnson, who runs a consultancy helping new migrants, told a hearings panel considering more than 700 submissions on a new public transport plan that many migrants for whom he was trying to find work were turned down by employers because they did not have their own vehicles.

"[They say] if you rely on public transport to come to our business, we don't want to employ you because it is not reliable."

Campaign for Better Transport convener Cameron Pitches said Auckland Transport should include complaints from the public as a key performance indicator, and try to build confidence in its network by paying credits to those stranded by late trains, buses or ferries.


Future planning
What: Auckland Transport's draft regional public transport plan to 2022
Who: Four-member panel of Auckland Transport directors and managers considering 719 submissions
Where: Next hearing session (final of five) - Manukau Civic Building
When: Thursday, 9am-5pm