A man accused of putting beachgoers in danger by repeatedly riding his jetski too close to shore and among swimmers may have the charge against him upgraded.

Last week the Weekend Herald revealed that Gulf Harbour builder Lance Josephs, 33, had been charged with disorder after police investigated a series of complaints about his behaviour on a jetski at Army Bay on January 6.

Beachgoers called police after the father-of-one allegedly drove his jetski close to shore. Josephs was arrested the next day and charged with disorderly behaviour.

He appeared in the North Shore District Court yesterday, where it was indicated that the charge may be revised to convey his alleged offending was "likely to cause violence".


Josephs, who laughed as his name was called in court, did not enter a plea and was represented by a duty lawyer. However, the court was told he had hired a private lawyer who would represent him at the next court date.

Josephs works for Azure Interiors & Construction as a site supervisor, and was joined in court by his employers.

His partner and young son were not at court to support him yesterday.

Before the hearing he was heard to say: "It's a waste of time, isn't it? A waste of everybody's time."

Because his lawyer could not attend court yesterday, Josephs' case was adjourned. He was remanded at large, meaning he has no conditions imposed on him, until February 5.

Police have refused to comment on the specifics of the case as it is before the courts. But after Josephs' alleged offending they issued a general warning to all boaties - including jetskiers - about appropriate behaviour on the water.

"Police will be keeping a close eye on the beaches this summer and remind people to keep to the rules and not exceed 5 knots within 200m of the shoreline. We don't want to be dealing with any preventable tragedies on or near the water, and will take a hard line with people boating while intoxicated and not complying with boating regulations."