"Appalling'' attacks against police officers over the weekend have resulted in a broken ankle for a new female recruit.

"This weekend police officers called to incidents have been subjected to appalling violence by intoxicated people,'' police commissioner Peter Marshall said.

"In one event, an officer was called to a dispute over Christmas lights. This resulted in him being seriously assaulted and repeatedly punched in the head.''

Mr Marshall said drunken violence against police will not be tolerated and he is urging people to take responsibility for their families and friends this Christmas.


"It is simply not ok that staff attending such a minor and easily resolvable issue are subject to a serious assault. This has resulted in a 17-year-old being arrested and charged. His mother, who was aggressive and intoxicated, was also arrested.

"This is two families who are not having a great Christmas all because this woman got drunk and was unable to control herself. Both her and her son are now facing a court process, and the constable's family have to deal with him being injured over Christmas.

"In another incident a constable who is relatively new to the job had her ankle broken attending a family violence incident. The police had been called to help and this has resulted in a break so severe the constable required surgery.

Mr Marshall said the constable would remain in hospital over Christmas. He said here were another two families whose Christmas had been affected by drunken and totally preventable violence.

"Take some responsibility for your family and friends this Christmas because we don't want to have to intervene in a situation of your making which will ruin your holiday.

"Drunken violence can be stopped. I ask that you look after each other, be responsible and get to enjoy your holidays.''