The man who took it upon himself to dish out street justice to convicted paedophile Trevor Hall says he would do it again if given the chance.

Unrepentant Danny Te Amo Walker, 46, who whacked Hall outside Tauranga District Court on December 4 - the day Hall was due to be sentenced on four charges of indecent assault on a child - pleaded guilty to a charge of assault in the same court yesterday.

He was fined $175 and court costs of $132.89.

Outside court last night, Walker told the Bay of Plenty Times he wasn't proud of his actions.


"Some people have been patting me on the back and calling me a hero but I don't want a pat on the back, as what I did was a spur of the moment thing which I'm not proud of.

"But if you ask me would I do it again, if I had the chance, I'd say 'hell yeah, he deserved it'.

"But I wasn't there to deck anyone I was there to support my brother [who was in court being sentenced on unrelated matters]. I didn't go out there to punch the guy [Hall] but I was so angry the judge didn't lock him up."

Walker said he is a father of four daughters and just "saw red".

"I have four kids and my heart went out to that poor lady and her daughter. I just snapped.

"I wasn't thinking about anything else, I was totally focused on the lady and her little girl and I was so disgusted he [Hall] tried to downplay what he had done to them."

Walker said he'd had sleepless nights since thinking about Hall's victims and how they were coping with something "they will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives".

Tauranga police Senior Sergeant Cam Anderson said police and the justice system were the appropriate agencies for dealing with child sex offenders.

"People may have frustrations but it's not wise or advisable to take it out on these offenders," he said.

In court, Walker admitted he attacked Hall not long after the sex offender walked from court on bail after Judge Peter Rollo adjourned sentencing to December 17.

Walker's victim was left with a bleeding and swollen top lip and the assault was caught on camera by a TV3 cameraman at court for Hall's sentencing hearing.

Walker was arrested the same day by a police officer after locating him near the Work and Income office. Walker said he handed himself in.

Judge Josephine Bouchier asked Walker why he had "whacked" Hall. He replied: "I had a bad day and while I was waiting for my brother's sentencing to come up I heard what happened to that mother and her little girl and I was so disgusted. I've got kids of my own.

"I didn't go to court intending to hit anyone. I think I was so angry at the judge, as I went there to support my brother and after I went outside and couldn't come back inside the court room because it was all full up, I was really angry ... It just happened. I don't go out to hit people."

Walker asked for a suspended sentence from Judge Bouchier.

He told the judge he had been undertaking voluntary work helping disabled people three times a week and working at the Welcome Bay community gardens, and up until last week was also doing volunteer work at the local Salvation Army store.

Judge Bouchier noted Walker had two prior violence-related convictions among others for burglary and said a suspended sentence was not appropriate.

"Mr Walker, no matter what you think about Mr Hall it doesn't entitle you to deck him," she said.