The actions of an Urban Search and Rescue team which tried to get to survivors trapped in the rubble of the CTV building will come under more scrutiny today.

It comes after harrowing evidence yesterday at the Coroner's inquest from Alec Cvetanov, who talked to his wife Tamara on her cellphone before she died while waiting for rescue.

Yesterday, he criticised the lack of urgency to focus on where he believed his wife to be, concern over the process of removing rubble, and lack of equipment and coordination.

USAR Squad Leader Aaron Summerhays told the inquest after determining there was at least one survivor in the area where Mr Cvetanov's wife was thought to be, they attempted to open up a void to get to them.


However, he said the fire taking control combined with the immense damage to the building meant they could never get far into the rubble.

A member of the New Zealand Defence Force is expected to give evidence today, as will other members of the USAR team that worked on the building.