The father of a British woman who vanished while on a helicopter trip in Fijordland in January 2004 has spoken for the first time about her remains being discovered.

Waikato farmer Campbell Montgomerie, 27, a qualified pilot, and English tourist Hannah Timings, 28, disappeared when a Hughes 500 helicopter crashed in the Hollyford Valley.

The wreckage was finally located on Wednesday near Humboldt Creek by a pilot on a commercial flight.

The bodies are yet to be formally identified, which police said would be done by DNA.


Miss Timing's father Philip Timings, 65, told Britain's Daily Telegraph he still thought about his daughter every day and last spoke to her days before she went missing.

He described her as "one in a million''.

"She was a chip off the old block so to speak, she followed me into the furniture business,'' he said. "She rang me on Christmas Day and said her and Campbell were just off to Fiordland and that she was very excited about it all. She told me how beautiful it was.''