Auckland's super-sized council has gone through almost $50 million worth of contracting pains.

Figures released under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act reveal the council has spent $46.19 million so far on contractors and staff on short-term contracts.

From November 2010 to June last year it spent $17.1 million and between July last year and June this year it spent $29.05 million.

The council refused to say how many contractors and staff on short-term contracts it employed since its inception as it would require "substantial collation or research".


However, it revealed it had 759 contractors and short-term employees as at July 30 this year.

Previous councils across Auckland had about 10,000 staff which the Auckland Transition Agency attempted to reduce to about 8500 positions.

Councillor Cameron Brewer said the council needed to rationalise staff numbers, contractors and consultants without affecting service levels.

"Council amalgamation was the opportunity to streamline staff numbers and cut back on contractors and consultants but staggeringly it appears we've got more than ever," he said.