Labour leader David Shearer has refused to comment on reports that his press secretary's partner was the source for apparent leaks to Labour about Prime Minister John Key's visit to the Government Communications Security Bureau in February.

Labour has claimed that several well-placed sources have told them that the Prime Minister had mentioned Kim Dotcom when he was addressing staff in the GCSB cafeteria and that the visit was recorded.

However, the GCSB has stated that it had no such recording of the visit. It had also started an investigation into who was leaking information.

Newstalk Zb reported this morning that the leak was through Mr Shearer's press secretary Fran Mold's partner, who used to work for the GCSB.


Mr Shearer refused to comment on that this morning, saying journalists did not divulge their sources and neither would he.

He stood by his claim that Mr Key's comments were recorded.

He said he was not concerned about leaks from the spy agency because the subject matter did not relate to national security.

"The level they are leaking is simply information about them being in more or less a public meeting with John Key. The only thing that is sensitive about this is whether John Key knew about Kim Dotcom before he said he did in September."

Mr Shearer said he was simply asking legitimate questions about the functioning of the intelligence agencies and the Prime Minister.

"What I'm doing as an Opposition leader is asking the questions that I should be asking. If I wasn't asking these questions, I wouldn't be doing my job."