The secret to a good game of golf can finally be revealed - it's all in the genes.

Waikato's Janet Williams certainly thinks so, anyway. Last Saturday, Williams won the Narrows Golf Club championship in the Bronze 1 division and her daughter, Mary Wano, won in the silver division. Meanwhile, Dave Phillips was taking out his intermediate division and his son, Luke, was winning his senior division.

The family link between two sets of winners was believed to be a first, said club president John Bridle.

Wano said her mother often joked that she'd passed on good DNA. "She always tells me that we were born with the sporting gene." Wano was top seed in her field but her mum was a last-minute ring-in to make up numbers, so Wano was thrilled when she won and that both their names would now be on the honours board.


Luke Phillips, 18, has been playing golf for only four years. His handicap is already down to 1, but he said the game was definitely no piece of cake. His first handicap was 12, and on his first ever round he shot 85 - not bad for a beginner.

The 540-member Narrows club is merging with nearby Lochiel club, although both will retain their own courses and clubhouses.

Narrows won the Waikato pennants in men's, women's and junior divisions.