A marketing campaign consisting of two phrases - "money is good" and "money is bad" was successfully hijacked by a Twitter troll today.

The campaign has gathered momentum with billboard advertising around the country reminiscent of Burger King's 2010 "the king is coming" campaign.

A short television advertisement has also appeared - yet who, or what for has yet to be revealed.

A Twitter account started four days ago set tongues wagging when it announced yesterday there would be a $10,000 money drop in central Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin.


The Auckland money drop was set for 9am and those vying for a share of the cash were shown the location via a photo on Twitter near Albert Park in the CBD.

More than 100 people turned up to the money drop, many with their own ideas on who was responsible for the campaign.

Student Bryn Seager was there with fellow "Tweeters" he said he thought one of New Zealand's major banks was behind it and found out about the drop through a friend's Facebook page.

As 9am approached more photos were uploaded to the @GoodMoneyBad account showing the growing crowd.

"Look at you all. Anybody late for work?" they said.

Thirty minutes after the drop was scheduled, and without a dollar to be seen, the person behind the @GoodMoneyBad Twitter account changed their profile picture from the Money is Bad logo to a picture of a troll.

"I'm just showing New Zealand how easy it is to claim a teaser campaign as your own," they said.