Auckland market analyst Guy Hallwright, who ran down a man in a road rage incident two years ago, is no longer with investment firm Forsyth Barr.

Hallwright, who had been employed as a senior analyst, confirmed today he left the company yesterday (Wednesday 19/9), but refused to comment "at the moment" on whether he left voluntarily.

Asked when he would talk about it, he replied: "Possibly never, especially to the Herald."

His future plans were uncertain. "I'm going to have a break. I've got some community work to do, as you know."


Hallwright said he hadn't thought about whether he would want to get back into research and analyst work.

"It's early days, early days."

Forsyth Barr chairman Sir Eion Edgar also confirmed Hallwright was no longer with the firm.

"As I understand he ceased employment yesterday [Wednesday] but I have nothing to add," he said.

Sir Eion would not comment on whether Hallwright had left voluntarily.

Forsyth Barr managing director Neil Paviour-Smith would not comment on the circumstances of Hallwright's departure, saying it was an employment matter.

"We as an employer don't discuss matters to do with employees through the media or publicly, so that's the position."

Asked if Hallwright's departure was related to Forsyth Barr's reputation, Mr Paviour-Smith said he could not comment.


He also would not comment on whether Hallwright had received a payout from the firm.

"We wouldn't make any comment about remuneration or those sort of details publicly. That wouldn't be fair."

One financial market source said the investment community was made aware of the decision from Forsyth Barr this morning and was advised as to who would be covering the various stocks that Hallwright covered.

"The commentary around it was that he was no longer with the firm. Full stop."

No indication was given as to whether he had resigned of his own volition or had been asked to resign.

"I think they just removed him totally and cauterised the wound," the source said.


He said the small and normally gossip-filled share market had gone strangely silent after the announcement.

"Normally the other brokers are quick to put the boot in, but there was nothing from anybody," he said.

"There has not been any noise. No discussion. Nothing."

The source said Hallwright, who specialised as telecommunications and media, was one of the market's most respected analysts.

In Auckland District Court last month, Judge Raoul Neave sentenced Hallwright, a senior market analyst with Forsyth Barr, to 250 hours' community work, banned him from driving for 18 months and ordered him to pay $20,000 reparation to Sung Jin Kim.

Mr Kim suffered two broken legs when Hallwright hit him with his car after an argument on Mt Eden Rd in September 2010. Hallwright drove off after the incident but returned to the scene later.