Police are concerned about the lack of lifejackets worn by four teenage girls who got into trouble off Petone yesterday.

Police Maritime Unit Senior Constable Stu Main said two teenage girls from the Petone rowing club were out training off the Petone foreshore when they fell out of their rowing skiff about 5.55pm.

A support boat from the club collected the two girls, however it then had engine failure and started to get blown out to sea in the moderate offshore winds.

One of the girls decided to swim to shore to raise the alarm, while a person on shore saw the group's plight and phoned police.


Mr Main said the police launch, Lady Elizabeth IV, and the Westpac Rescue helicopter arrived about 6.14pm. By then the girl who swam from the boat had made it to shore.

Police took the three girls from the support boat onboard Lady Elizabeth IV and gave them blankets. The rowing skiff and support boat were then towed back to the club.

One of the girls was treated for mild hypothermia.

Mr Main said police were concerned there were not enough life jackets for all four girls involved.