A man who spent his life savings fulfilling a bucket list after being wrongly diagnosed with terminal cancer has been denied compensation.

Frank, 69, and his wife Wilma, 65, who do not want their surname published, are $80,000 in debt after they spent heavily during what they thought were Frank's final months.

Frank said he was diagnosed with cancer of the heart in May 2010 and advised he only had three months to live.

The couple sold their Hawke's Bay home and went on a lavish three-week holiday to Australia and Fiji. They returned to Wairoa penniless and waited for Frank to die.


Twenty-three months later, they were told Frank did not have terminal cancer.

The irate couple lodged a compensation claim with ACC, which was declined six weeks ago because he did not have a permanent disability.

"We are pretty upset, I pay my taxes and get a kick in the ass."

The Health and Disability Commissioner is still investigating.