The CTV building hearing is in its final days, but the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch earthquakes still has a way to go.

A number of witnesses have been heard over the past eight weeks.

Executive director for the commission, Justine Gilliland says once the CTV section is finished, they'll delve into three more subjects.

The first of those is the way in which buildings were managed after the initial September 2010 earthquake.


"That's that stickering process that people might be familiar with - the green, yellow, red stickers on a building. The next topic is looking at the engineering profession and then the last hearing is various roles and responsibilities and how we control our building laws."

Ms Gilliland says those three topics have come up a number of times during the course of their investigations into individual buildings, and that's why they'll get additional attention.

She says they have a November deadline to create a report that incorporates the findings from all of the hearings that have made up the investigation.

"We would expect that the Government will release the report, it is up to the Government when they do that once we've delivered it, but we would expect that they would release it."

Ms Gilliland says there are just two days of closing statements to be made to finalise the CTV section of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.