Somebody order some fast feud?

Nineteen-year-old restaurant worker Lynette Fray claims her manager attacked her at Burger King in Lincoln Rd, West Auckland, last Saturday. Fray told the Herald on Sunday four co-workers had to pull the manager off her.

Fray, a junior worker, said she was accused of backchatting another manager. Words were exchanged before the manager began punching her, Fray said.

She said a stunned customer witnessed the attack. "It happened right by where you make the burgers, and by the office. A customer saw us. It was very embarrassing for me."


Burger King spokeswoman Rachael Allison confirmed an incident had occurred involving a female manager but it was too early to discuss Fray's allegations. "We need to conduct a proper investigation."

Fray's union Unite said it wanted Burger King to hand over video footage of the incident. Unite national director Mike Treen and Fray visited the company's Auckland headquarters this week and posted a video of the trip on YouTube.

The company has offered to move Fray to another restaurant, which she was considering.

Meanwhile, the chain reacted angrily yesterday to claims of migrant workers being exploited.

"There is nothing in the proceedings Unite has filed which refers to 'exploitation' or 'abuse' of immigrant workers," the company said in a statement.