A faulting 11,000 volt cable has caused multiple explosions and a fireball at a rail overbridge on Weymouth Rd in Manurewa this morning.

There are now significant traffic delays and disruptions in the Weymouth area. Weymouth Rd has been closed after a motor accident following the explosions.

Buses are unable to enter the Manurewa Interchange.

Rail services have resumed from Otahuhu and Papakura. However, there will be some delays of up to 20 minutes on the southern line due to the closure this morning.


The fault cut power to nearly 2,000 homes and has affected some traffic lights in the Weymouth area.

Vector said power had now been restored and repairs were being carried out.

Five fire crews are believed to be at the Weymouth Road scene.

"(The explosions) started being reported to us before 8am. Some [witnesses] reported some kind of fireball and flames showing from the footpath area,'' fire communications shift manager Jaron Phillips said.

So far it is unknown if there is any damage to the overbridge, which is near the Beaumonts Way intersection.

There are no buildings on fire, Mr Phillips said.

- Herald Online and APNZ staff