Prime TV has responded to criticism from viewers irritated delayed broadcast of the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Many viewers were annoyed that only Sky subscribers could watch the extravaganza live, with Prime's coverage interrupted by regular commercial breaks.

Viewer Remco Remmelink told nzherald the interruptions ruined the magic of the event.

"I am disgusted that the Olympic ceremony is interrupted with commercials. I've already stopped watching and will download it in a few hours. New Zealand must be the only country in the world who does this," he said.


By the time the Prime coverage screened highlights such as the lighting of the Olympic Torch, the surprise was ruined for many viewers.

"I'm pretty sure I missed great parts of the opening ceremony because Prime kept cutting to ads," David Williams wrote on Twitter.

"After finishing the #openingceremony 30mins later than Sky subscribers, I remember why I download 90% of the tv I watch." Gavin Middleton wrote.

Prime TV responded to the criticism on Twitter, and assured viewers they would see the entire spectacle.

"Great so many of you watching the [Opening Ceremony]! Prime is free-to-air, so like all FTAs (free-to-air channels), ads are part of our make up. You'll see the whole event, tho."

The assurance did not stop viewers complaining in massive numbers, with the hashtag #primeunderclass trending in New Zealand.